Digital Assets, Cryptocurrency and Trading

In last decade, with the digital world evolution,  digital assets, cryptocurrency and trading have become a very important part inside companies and organizations making their security, maintenance, protection and obtention a priority.

Our main digital practices areas are:

Digital Assets

Companies and organizations use different data storage systems such as computers, servers or cloud storage to guarantee their digital assets protection and security. These digital assets are digital property of brands or companies and these as any other asset can be valued or depreciated changing their value over time. In Lauden we manage and counseling companies and organizations in the compliance and regulations concerning digital assets.


The Cryptocurrency as part of the digital world evolution, has taken a big importance within the global trade and currency commerce. The crypto currency are considered as a digital asset, in this regard it can be storage and guard in a web base digital wallet or any digital storage; the difference lies in the cryptographic encryption use for preventing the creation of future additional copies. Cryptocurrency is based on a Blockchain system in which a sharing global computers database where each transaction is registered, compared and approved making one the must secure systems in the world.


The NFTs are another digital asset category contrasting with common money which can be exchange for goods or same or different value, NFTs works with not fungible Token, that is to say they can not be copied nor exchange. Therefore it can be compared with a uniqueness work of art that can not be copied nor duplicated; NFTs use the same Blockchain system as cryptocurrency which certifie the property purchases and exchanges.

At Lauden we understand the importance of Digital Assets, Cryptocurrency and Trading . We have experience in managing and sponsoring actions related to fixed digital assets.


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