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Francisco Paredes Lawyer

Francisco Paredes

Francisco is a specialist in international commercial and investment arbitration, public international law and negotiation, with a particular focus on cases involving Sovereign States and transnational investment…

Carlos Espin Lauden Lawyer

Carlos Espín Arias

Carlos has extensive experience in litigation, intellectual property, corporate law, human rights and utility models registration. Carlos constantly address seminars and conferences in Ecuador as well as several countries.

Mario Paredes Lawyer Abogado

Mario Paredes

Mario Paredes focus his professional career in telecommunication, administrative law, transport and logistics activities, Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and public companies.

Gabriela Becdach Lauden Lawyer

Maria Gabriela Becdach

Gabriela Becdach concentrates her professional practice in labour law, administrative, financial law, gender-based violence and women’s right.

Lawyer Lauden

Diana Burbano

Diana Burbano concentrates her professional practice in Human Mobility and Migration.

Yosselyn Villavicencio Lauden Lawyer

Yosselyn Villavicencio

Yosselyn Villavicencio concentrates his practice on coactive and Portfolio Recovery.

Lauden Lawyer

Gabriela Llumiquinga

Gabriela Llumiquinga focus her professional practice in administrative law and public management.

David Lauden Lawyer Lauden

David Nicolalde

David  Nicolalde concentrates his professional practice in labor and corporate law.

Irene Valarezo

Irene has worked in several public institutions, including the Congress, the Constitutional Court and the General Prosecutor’s Office…

Lawyer Lauden Colombia

Oscar Ibañez

Oscar has focused a large part of his professional career to Human rights international law litigation, procedure law, administrative law and arbitration.

Jorge Valarezo Lawyer Lauden

Jorge Valarezo

Jorge Valarezo concentrates his practice in Labor, Civil, Family, Corporate, Immigration and Intellectual Property Law.

Lawyer Lauden Abogada

Daniela Granizo

Daniela Granizo concentrates her professional practice in Criminal Law, Economic Crimes, Traffic Crimes and Compliance.

Karla Delgado Laudenlaw

Karla Delgado

Karla concentrates her practice in administrative law, has experience in government institutions officials disciplinary regime, as well as for those who belong to the LOSEP and Labor Code.

Laudenlaw Attorneys Abogados

Kevin Collaguazo

Kevin Collaguazo concentrates his practice on municipal procedures, collection management and coercive.

Equipo Lauden Out team

Jean Pierre Delgado

Jean Pierre focuses his practice on portfolio recovery and coercive processes.

Laudenlaw Attorneys

Katherin Oña

Katherin Oña focuses his practice on portfolio recovery and coercive processes.