Our Team

Francisco Paredes

Francisco is a specialist in international commercial and investment arbitration, public international law and negotiation, with a particular focus on cases involving Sovereign States and transnational investment…

Carlos Espín Arias

Carlos has extensive experience in litigation, intellectual property, corporate law, human rights and utility models registration. Carlos constantly address seminars and conferences in Ecuador as well as several countries.

Maria Gabriela Becdach

Gabriela Becdach concentrates her professional practice in labour law, administrative and financial law.


Stefany Naranjo

Stefany Naranjo professional experience concentrates in administrative and constitutional law. Stefany worked in Government Ministry during two years, mainly in the Legal Department.

Veronica Insuasti

María Verónica has concentrated her professional practice in Criminal Law, Civil Law and defending minors and adolescents…

Nora Cevallos
Senior Associate

Mrs. Cevallos has worked in several public institutions, in the legal department  in transport regulation projects, in the undersecretary of employment providing advice on labor matters…

Silvana Lozada

Silvana Lozada focuses her professional practice on labor law, management law, public procurement and legal procedures.

Irene Valarezo

Irene has worked in several public institutions, including the Congress, the Constitutional Court and the General Prosecutor’s Office…

Diana Burbano

Diana Burbano concentrates her professional practice in Human Mobility and Migration.

Alberto Morales

Alberto focus his career in financial audits as well as compliance.