Finance and Business Management

For every business is important to have a finance and business management professional team which understands completely the business and could establish the path to accomplish the business plan as well as the legal and tributary obligingness.

The most important aspects inside the business are:

1. Planning
2. Control
3. Organization

We have experience in all kind of businesses requirements: creation or dissolution of companies, sale or purchase of shares or titles, accounting management, patents, intellectual property and tributary declarations while creating strategies that allow a sustained growth of the company while complying with legal and tax requirements. We are an ally in the management of your businesses and companies.


Our finance and business management specialized services are:

Obtaining loans counseling.

We advise natural and legal persons, as well as foreign companies, in the process to obtain credits in public and private financial institutions. We know the process and its requirements very closely.

Project development counseling.

We have extensive experience in the preparation of studies and analysis of projects of all kinds, especially the achievement of the business plan model for obtaining credits in the CFN (National Financial Corporation).



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