Project Finance

We manage complex matters with innovate solutions


In Lauden we acknowledge that great projects required a great team, new projects complexity and planning needs a law firm with expertise and knowledge in local and internacional structuring and financing projects on every scale.

The project financial complexity has led us to seek innovative solutions by expanding our variety of services to our clients, adapting  for each project requirements.
As an international law firm we cover all stages of the project, with a solid experience in project main areas such as:

  • Private Financing
  • Government Financing
  • Capital import
  • Capital export
  • Procurement law
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Risk analysis
  • Taxes
  • Sponsors

As the world and countries develop, new infrastructures and models are required, this leads to the search for new forms of financing, in some cases, complex, that is why Lauden offers to his clients a integral legal and financial advice ensuring the project objectives.


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