Personal Data Protection Law

The approved Personal Data Protection Law in Ecuador, has as purpose to secure all Ecuadorian personal data protection and guarantees as well as the access procedures and the disclosure of such data.

Personal Data Protection Law Principles

Within the development of the principles we found that the personal data treatment must be transparent, easily accessible and easy to understand, must has as a base due secrecy and have been obtained directly by the holder or a intermediary. The applicable norms must be related directly to the holder activity, to guarantee the personal data security, the persona data law limit the data access or preservation time and establish that the holders and managers are forced to account for the data treatment both the holder and the authorities and these will have among their duties the implementation of mesures to precaution the data integrity and protection.

Personal Data Law Rights

Among the covered data protection law rights it highlights the personal data holder right to be informed for any mean concerning any data modifications or changes; likewise the holder must have access to their personal data and detail information without any justification. The personal data holder could request the complete information removal under some circumstances and the authority responsable of the data must implement methods and techniques oriented to eliminated or render such data unrecognizable. The government on his duty will guarantee access to education, information availability, studies, etc. about personal data including the higher education system.

Personal Data Security

The data protection responsible must be the unique person responsible to take integrity and security precaution, in case of a security breach or a vulnerability, the person responsible must notify about any peculiarity regarding security, to the competent authority and the Telecommunications Regulation and Control Agency.

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