San Francisco de Quito University (USFQ) liable for moral damage in a sexual violence case

On April 26, 2021, the Ecuadorian justice found the University USFQ liable for moral damage, in a sexual violence case.

The judge found that San Francisco de Quito University violate its obligation to file a formal accusation, due to a sexual violence against one of its students.
In 2018 the student was transfer to Ecuador to be part of a study program offered by the USFQ, which included a series of visits and field trips. In the course of a field visit the student suffered a sexual attack from one of her classmates causing physical and mental damage. The student informed in many times this act of violence to the university authorities. Nevertheless the USFQ failed to support the student.

LAUDENLAW, legally represents the victim in the moral damage lawsuit against the USFQ.

For more information see: Judicial Civil Process. No. 17230-2020-03967

Read the complete sexual violence first-rate sentence against USFQ:

Abuso Sexual USFQ

2021.04.26. Sentencia de Primer Nivel




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